30 January, 2013

Are You Paying Attention?

The government has declared it can lock anyone up forever or kill them without any proof or due process. Eric Holder recently said that the President has the power and authority to kill US citizens on American soil if he feels they are a danger or threat to National Security. This is a direct violation of the US Constitution, but this administration does not care about the Constitution. They have declared that rather than arresting someone, charging them with a crime and detaining them for trial, that the President and his advisers can make the determination if a person poses a threat and if that determination is made, kill or detain them for as long as they want with no trial ever being held. And note... this is BEFORE they have ever committed a crime! It is merely done based on their perception that the person(s) pose a threat! Anyone ever see the movie "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise? This is where we are now living!

Watch this video and see what our Government is already doing. They are breaking laws, violating the Constitution and our rights all over the place, and most Americans simply shrug their shoulders and go on about their lives as if none of it matters. People... it matters!  The lines are being drawn... or re-drawn, and we are headed down a road that is not looking good. Did you know that last year, the DHS placed an order for 450 million rounds of Hollow Point ammo? Tell me why Homeland Security would need that kind of firepower on our own soil unless they were expecting something huge? Are you aware that the law has been changed  by Executive Order which states that the President can now declare martial law at any time... even during peace time? I have to ask, why would such a law be even considered, let alone be set in place?  In light of these things that have been set in place over the past couple of years, does this concern you that there is now a massive push to take away weapons from US citizens? It should. Our government is gearing up for war against our own people, and trying to take away the ability of the people to fight back. Take some time and do some research on the internet about the so called "FEMA Camps".  Our government has built prisons all over the United States that are sitting empty, just waiting. Waiting for what? To hold thousands of people who "pose a threat" to the government. It is coming folks, and I believe that at the top of the list will be those radical Christians who will not bow a knee to the new government declared god.

Call me crazy. Call me a conspiracy theorists if you want. But while you do so, answer the questions. Why the fire power and ammunition? Why the "camps"? Why the power to declare Martial Law? Why strip away our civil liberties? Why the ability to track our every movement? Why the spying on us through our phones, televisions, cars and so much more? The day is coming.

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