09 December, 2012

The Gift or the Giver?

Several years ago I read a book written by Sam Hinn (brother to Benny) and he told a story near the end of the book that hit me so hard that I still recall it vividly some 16 years later. I may not get this entirely accurate, but I will retell it the best I can recall. More than quote him, I want to get the message across, and that I believe I can do. 

Sam wrote of a dream that the Lord gave him that impacted his life, as it did mine and I am quite sure will impact your life too. Here it is, the best I can remember it:

In the dream, it was Christmas morning and he (Sam) was standing in the hallway of his home. At the end of that hall was the door to his little girl's room. He had a whole bunch of gifts to give to her, and he could not wait to see her face light up with joy when she saw the pile of gifts. He wrote that he wanted her to know that her father loved her so much that he wanted to give all these gifts to her.

In the dream, her door began to open and he saw her little face peek out and then light up with a big, broad smile. He was aware that she could see the pile of gifts right behind him under the tree. She came running down the hallway and Sam knelt down to greet her warm embrace... only she ran right past him and straight to the gifts, ignoring her father altogether. 

He said that he was heart-broken, thinking that he was the one who paid for and gave her all those gifts and she did not even acknowledge his presence. In his dream, he turned and watched her open the gifts, smiling, but still hurting that he had been ignored.

Sam wrote: "Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, 'Son, this is the way it is in the church. They want my gifts, but they are ignoring me."

Can you say "OUCH!"

Folks, this is exactly what it is like in the church today!
Many cry out for the Holy Spirit to give them more faith, more joy, more peace, healing, deliverance... and the list goes on.
People seek the gifts from God, but they do not seek MORE OF GOD in their lives.
Many look at God as the great "Sugar Daddy in the sky."

When our hearts desire HIM more than all of His gifts, God will give us the fullness of his Holy Spirit which enables us to be holy.
What many of us have failed to realize is that the call to worship is not just about singing and lifting our hands, but rather the call to worship is a call to holiness.
God is just calling us to worship him in the sense of song and dance, but rather to worship him in the way that we live!
It is the Father's good pleasure to pour out His Spirit and His gifts upon His children, but we must never lose focus, as much of the church world has today. It is not about the gift, it is about the Gift Giver!

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