07 December, 2012

Exposing the Hypocrisy

If you have not heard, (and you probably haven't because the media has largely ignored this story) Illinois State Senator Donne Trotter was arrested this week for trying to bring a gun onto an airplane in his carry on luggage. Trotter is currently running for the seat for the US congress vacated by Jesse Jackson, Jr.   Trotter had the proper registration for the gun and since he also works as a Security Guard, he is permitted to carry the gun. What makes this story especially interesting is the fact that Trotter is an outspoken proponent for gun control. Yep, he wants to take YOUR guns away, while he is permitted to carry one himself. This is the typical liberal mindset... not only about guns, but across the board. For example, take a look at Warren Buffett.  Buffet is of course one of the richest people in the world and for the last few years he has been making waves in the media about how he believes the rich should pay more taxes. Well... that's what he claims when he is in front of the camera. But when you examine the records, Buffett has not paid his own taxes in years. In fact, he owes more than a billion dollars in taxes. He has been fighting the IRS in court for more than 10 years to keep from paying his own taxes. Note the trend? Liberals want others to do what they are not willing to do themselves. Take a look to the man sitting in the White House. He is constantly harping on how we need to share the wealth, to take care of our "brothers" and that we all owe one another. But when you examine his own record, he is worth millions of dollars, has donated a VERY small portion to others and in fact has left his own half brother to live in a literal shack in Africa, and his aunt (who is in this nation illegally) to live in public housing.(She's on disability, even though she has never paid into the system.)  What's wrong with this picture? Liberals are constantly demanding laws, changes and limitations to be placed on the American people, but they are unwilling to live by those same laws and requirements. This is one of the major flaws in socialism. Read your history and learn that while they claim that everybody is equal, what they really believe is that THEY are better than everyone else and that THEY are here to make the rules and decisions for everyone else. THEY get rich and powerful by soaking from those under them.

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