29 December, 2012

A Word for 2013

I don't have a lot of time to share on this right now, so I will come back and write more in a day or so when I do have time. But I wanted to share something that has just been burning in my spirit for the past couple of weeks.  Those of you that really know me know that I don't talk a lot about the prophetic. I believe in the prophetic and I will even say that I flow in the prophetic, although I just don't use that term much because in my humble opinion, the prophetic has been misused and abused by a large segment of the church to where people simple grew tired of the shenanigans that have gone on in the Name of the Lord. That said, I have to share this much. 

I've been seeking God for direction and goals for my own life and ministry for 2013. I'm not talking New Years Resolutions here, I'm talking about where I am to go and where I am to take the church where I am the shepherd. As I've sought God, two words have just been burnt into me. Actually, it was one word for a few weeks, and then a few days ago the second word came. The Words are "purpose" and "release".  It seemed like almost continuously for several weeks, the word purpose was before me, in me and it consumed my thought and prayer life. Then one day this past week, the Lord brought to mind the story of Joseph of the Old Testament. I began to read, study and pray to discern what God was trying to say to me. Then it came to me. Joseph went through a long, dry period. He was never forgotten by God, still, he was put down, held down and held back as a slave and a prisoner. Then it came. In one instant God completely turned his life around, raised him from obscurity to a place of leadership, authority and power. Why? Purpose. When the nations were about to walk through a lean economic time, God raised up Joseph for a purpose, to provide for the people. I am convinced that the church that has been cast aside and abandoned by so many is about to arise for it's purpose in the hours and days that lie ahead. 

Literally, as soon as I got this, the word purpose diminished in my mind and spirit, and I've since then heard this word... RELEASE. I believe God is speaking to me personally, but I believe this is a message for the Body of Christ. We have a purpose and it is now time to release! As I thought on this the past couple of days, I have become more and more convinced that God is calling us to release the prophetic voice within us. I'm not talking about the game playing manipulation tactics that some have used as a draw card to bilk people and has left the world with a sour taste in it's mouth toward the church and especially the prophetic. The word, "prophet" literally means "mouth piece for God." What I believe God is calling the church to in this hour, for 2013 is to proclaim BOLDLY the Word of the Lord!  No spiritual horoscopes or tickling of the ear. I'm talking the genuine Word of God, spoken with power and authority! It is time to "release" that in the world and then stand back and watch what God is doing to do!

Enough for now... I'll add more later.

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