13 September, 2012

We Look Weak

Everyone should know by now about protesters over running our embassy in Egypt and our Consulate building in Libya, killing 4 in the Libya uprising. President Obama was slow in responding, and when he did respond, he made America look weak, even offering an apology for offending Islamic people. I was so reminded of Jimmy Carter and the way America was viewed under his administration. Righteous anger rose up within me over these two uprisings and the lack of appropriate response. I think that many American's, especially our youth, do not realize what these two mobs did. When we have an Embassy or Consulate building in any nation, that small piece of land is owned by and and represents the United States of America. That's why we fly our flag there. So when they rush the property and invade it, they are invading U.S. soil. They have declared war on America. It literally is no different that if they had rushed our own boarders and invaded our land. This is a VERY serious act of aggression against the United States... and we apologized because they were supposedly upset because ONE MAN made a video that denounced their religion. And now our government Intelligence is telling us that they think these two events or uprisings were a coordinated, planned out attack to come on 9-11.
Gee... what was your first clue?

It just so happened that on this same day (September 11, 2012) our President released a video to the Arab peoples extolling the greatness of the Arab union and stating that the American people "respected" the Arab Union. (Just to make myself clear... he was not speaking for me when he made these statements!) Also on that same day, before anything had yet happened, the Obama administration released an apology to the people in Arab nations over the making of the video I mentioned before. I've never once heard this President apologize to Christians for the anti-Christian movies and speeches being made all across America. But I digress here...
This made us look weak and basically said to our enemies that we were not going to do anything. We look so weak that they were not afraid to rush our territory... and the pathetic response to these raids was so weak that overnight, radicals in Yemon tried to storm our Embassy their, while in Egypt, they tried again to storm the Embassy. 

We look weak America. President Obama needs to step up and be the leader of this nation and take strong, decisive action. If he is not willing, then then I pray the voters in this nation have the sense to vote for change.  The problem is, that'still 2 months away. We need action now!

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