12 September, 2012

It's Time to Smell the Coffee

In the last 24 hours, an American embassy in Egypt was over run by Islamic protesters, the American flag ripped down and destroyed and an Islamic banner hung in it's place. They were angered by a film that was made in America that portrayed Islam in a negative way. To date, the film has been shown a total of ONE time.  The response by the United States State Department to the attack? They apologized for offending Muslims. A few hours later, a U.S. Consulate building in Libya was attacked killing a U.S. Ambassador. As word spread of this news and of the apology issued by the United States, people became angry and the the U.S. embassy in Egypt sent out Tweets stating that they were standing by their apology to the Muslim world. Only a day later after an uproar arose in the US did they erase those Tweets. But note, they have never retracted the apology. A day later, the President finally responds with a written statement condemning the attacks. Now, after much more uproar, he is going to do a press conference. This man is no leader.

Can you imagine if someone made a movie mocking Christianity? Can you imagine if they portrayed Jesus as a homosexual? Oh... they've done that.
Can you imagine if someone painted a picture of Jesus on the cross stuck in a bottle of urine? Oh yeah, that's already been done... and funded by U.S. tax dollars at that!
Can you imagine if movies or TV shows were made that portrayed Christians as bumbling boobs and morons... that they were all mentally ill or something? .... oops... done that too!

So, why is it that they can attack Christianity over and over and over, and Christians are supposed to sit back and take it, but one man releases a film that portrays the Islamic "prophet" exactly as history records him, and half way around the world, they fire weapons into and attack our property and kill one of our own... and the United States apologizes for making them angry?  There is something BAD wrong with this picture folks. It's time for people to wake up and face reality that our leadership is NOT looking out for our best interests! Yet, people are ready to cast their vote to put this man back in office. I first warned of this man back in November 2006... and on that day, the day after they put the Democrats in control of both the House and the Senate, I said, "You asked for it America."

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