01 September, 2012

Perspective Is a Funny Thing

My wife made a comment to me earlier today that has stuck with me. Hurricane Isaac has made his way up the Mississippi Valley and is dumping a lot of rain on us this weekend. We've desperately needed the rain. It's actually too late for the crops and our area has been declared a disaster. The corn is almost completely wiped out and the soy beans are not much better. It's been so dry this summer that I have only cut my grass one time since the third week in June. Several people that I know have had wells run dry, or are dangerously low to where the water is sputtering out of their pipes and the pumps fight to draw water from the bottom of the well. So the rain is VERY welcome to us here in the midwest.

That's where my wife's comment comes in.
This morning, it was raining, and she walked into my office and said, "It's funny how perspective changes people's attitudes." I asked her what she meant and she said that she was reading Facebook, and people that would normally be griping and complaining about rain on Labor Day weekend were commenting on how nice it was to hear the rain falling on their roofs or splashing in their yards. Yep, perspective changes things real quick.

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