24 August, 2012

The Truth Doesn't Matter to the DNC

Watch this video clip where Anderson Cooper confronts DNC chair person Debbie Wasserman-Schultz about her purposefully misquoting the LA Times in emails and letters to raise funds for the DNC to make it appear that Romney said something he did not say. He quotes the actual article and what she wrote, and her response is "It does not matter." So long as she gets her point across, the truth does not matter. She states this clearly several times. My question for any person, especially a Christian person, is how can you continue to support and vote for any party that freely admits that the truth does not matter, as long as our agenda is carried out? This is exactly what Wasserman-Schultz says here. Get this straight, Anderson Cooper, an man who makes no attempt to hide his left wing stance on CNN no less has to confront and be bewildered by blatant lies, it is a good sign that things are unraveling for the Democrats.

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