21 August, 2012

Oh No, There's NO Media Bias

Unless you've been in a cave for the past several days, by now you've seen the endless reporting of Missouri Rep. Todd Akin's statement about  rape. Let me go on record right here of saying that while he lacked wisdom in how he spoke and came across as being insensitive to rape victims; his facts were entirely accurate. But you can speak truth in such a way as to hurt people. Call it what you want, he said the wrong thing at the wrong time. And the media has absolutely slammed him relentlessly for days. 
Before I say more about this, let's look at another story, in another state, by another Representative, Kerry Guthier of  Minnesota.
Rep. Gauthier was caught having sex with a 17 year old boy at a rest stop. Not suspected, caught. I'm not finished yet. This happened way back on July 22 of this year, and up until now there have been no charges brought against him, and you have to go searching for a story in the news about it. It is just not being reported... or barely reported. And the only reason it is being reported at all is because people got wind of the story and began to make noise, demanding to know why Rep. Akin is being crucified in the media for making an insensitive and poorly chosen comment about rape victims, yet another Rep is caught in the act of having sex with a 17 year old boy, and no one has even heard of this story! Just what is going on here?

I'll tell you... it is the bias of the media which rather than report the news has been taken over by a bunch of unethical "yellow journalists" that want to shape the news and therefore shape the views of society.
Let's look at these two stories briefly. On one hand, you have a Republican man, who was leading in the polls in his state just weeks before a crucial election. He makes a statement that the liberal mindset abhors, not because his words are not true, but because his views are conservative. The reason they are continuing to trump the story loud and clear is because his words can be used to stir up those that support abortion. If this statement had been made at a time that was not before a crucial election, it would still be in the news, but it would have already been long forgotten. But this is a chance to sway an election, and the liberal slanted media will milk it for all it's worth. 
But, what about that other story? Well, it just so happens that Rep. Gauthier is a Democrat from a very left leaning state, in a city that happens to host one of the largest gay pride parades/celebrations in the  United States. If someone had not leaked the story a week ago, we'd have never heard anything about it, and I would venture to guess that most of my readers will have to admit that you have never heard of it until now. The story is just now breaking, literally a month after the fact, only because someone leaked the story that should have been the lead story on every channel and in the headlines of the papers. The thing is, the left supports the homosexual movement, therefore they sit on this story, because it would hurt their cause and the re-election of a Democrat. 
Talk about total biased reporting!
A man having sex with a 17 year old is caught by a cop and the story is buried. But another man makes a poorly timed statement, that as factual as it may be, was very insensitive, and they have used this story to lead a charge to turn that election around. How hypocritical can you be?

The liberal left is always harping about Fox News, (they call it "Faux News") saying that Fox is biased in their reporting. Even our President has slammed them repeatedly over the years, going so far as to restrict their access to the White House, until other media sources protested about it. They insist that Fox is totally biased. But there is a reason why Fox is the number one news source. There is a reason why the other networks trail far behind. For 10 years now, Fox has remained the number one news source. During this time, Fox has sustained a 147% average over CNN and a 144% average over MSNBC in total daily viewership. The reason? The present BOTH sides of the story! This is what "fair and balanced" means. Extreme left liberals don't like that. They only want their side of the story, their view and their opinions reported. If the conservative point of view is mentioned at all, it is cast as foolishness, as being bigoted and absolutely trashed. The sad thing is that while MSNBC's viewership is much smaller, the vast majority of their viewers are under the age of 25, which means their are shaping the minds of those that are the future of America.

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