23 July, 2012

He Is There All The Time

I've been very busy lately, and this past weekend we moved our youngest (Ashley) down to Glen Carbon, IL where she is renting a house with 2 other friends, and attending SIU-E.  I also performed the marriage ceremony of my niece, Kaci and her new husband Reed. Been a LONG stressful weekend. But I've also been trying to keep up with the tragedy in Colorado where this lunatic killed all these innocent people. I won't even indulge myself to discuss this nut job and what I think of him, but my heart has been broken as I heard the accounts of person after person who was killed or wounded. Just senseless. But what has really struck me as I watch the news reports and how people are handling this, is how so many people turn to God and actually acknowledge His existence in times such as this. I don't mean to sound insensitive in the least, but my goodness, wouldn't it be awesome if people actually tried turning to God at other times as well? I mean, I'm glad that God is there in times of crisis, but he does not want to be just our crutch or crisis God, but His desire is to be in relationship with Him on a daily basis. One has to wonder, just how much of an impact it would have in our society if the media actually gave POSITIVE reports on religious activities and what God is doing in our lives all the time, rather than only in tragedies like 911 and this past week? How would it affect our lives if the leaders of our cities, states and nation would openly pray and ask others to pray on a daily basis for our nation? It pretty well slipped through the cracks, but just last week, a few day prior to the Colorado tragedy, someone suggested to someone in the Obama administration that he call for a time of prayer for rain to fall on the drought stricken parts of our nation and (I cannot recall who it was now) the person pretty well mocked them and laughed at such a foolish suggestion.

Guess what America? The same God you are turning to today in your time of grief and sorrow and shock was there the day before all this happened. He will be there next week. He wants to be a vital part of your daily life. He is not just a crisis God... He is a God you can live with, and it is His desire to bless and prosper you, me and any nation who acknowledges Him! It's time to turn back to God America!

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