11 June, 2012

Walking In Integrity

This weekend I have had several people talk to me or to me and my wife and things were revealed how some individuals were spreading lies and accusations about me and about my church. I'll be honest, in myself, I want to come out with guns blazing and fight til the last drop of blood, but 1) I know that God receives no glory in that scenario and 2) you will never silence the mouth of a liar. They will always be back with a different version or slant. So, I choose to take the high road and do what I know to do, and allow God to do what he does, for his word tells us that he will vindicate his own.
Ironically, I just preached yesterday morning on walking in the favor of God, and how that to do so, there is a price that must be paid. When people are attacking me and my church and trying to pull others out of my church to join them in the latest, greatest show on earth, I recognize that this is part of that price. Over the years I've learned that it is far better to walk in the favor of God than in the favor of men. Those same people trying to woo you today will turn on you tomorrow when you no longer serve a purpose for them and their agenda. Truth always comes out. It may take time, but it always does. I'll wait. I don't have to fight this battle. Sadly, there will be those wounded in the meantime. That's Satan's agenda, and those spreading lies and trying to bring destruction cannot understand that they are being used as unwitting pawns by the father of all lies.

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