01 June, 2012

So, Maybe I Was Right After All?

Just a few months ago I was attacked viciously by people in my community because I posted a couple of pictures of people who had gone way overboard with tattoos and I commented about their not being able to get jobs. I was told I was judgmental, intolerant, even a bigot. I had people attacking my walk with the Lord because "a man of God would not judge someone like this."  I said then that this was not being judgmental, it was pointing out an obvious fact that the decisions these people were making were making themselves unemployable. Take that fellow pictured here. Who is going to hire him with the racist stuff tattooed across his face? If that is being judgmental, then call me judgmental. But guess what? It seems like most others think the way I do. Read the following article and then tell me if I'm being judgmental or trying to get people to face reality. You cannot do this kind  of stuff to yourself and function well in society. If people feel that they cannot attend the church where I pastor because I point out the truth... well, then it is just best that they move on. A person who cares and loves speaks the truth, even when it is not popular.

Tattoo Removal Booms in Slow Job Market: By Lawrence Dechant With the job market recovering but still shaky, people with tattoos find it even harder to get hired, prompting them to reconsider their body art. According to The Patient’s Guide, a website comprised of 25 niche publications dedicated to skin care, laser...

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