07 June, 2012

The Local "News"-paper

Recently someone commented to me how the local newspaper was not worth subscribing to anymore. I told them that I dropped my subscription several years ago because the paper had so little information in it that I could not justify the cost. Yesterday, I was sitting in the home of one of my members and she picked up the newspaper and said I want you to look at this, and she began to point out all the ridiculous things that were in it, and then she said, "where's the news?"  She said, "on the TV news they are talking about the economy across the nation, but there is not one word of it in here." Then she went on listing things like the states fight this past week in Springfield over pensions and bullying laws which were never mentioned. She spoke of the "zombie" attack and several others in the nation where people were eating other people. She spoke of the recall election in Wisconsin, which was headlining the news across the nation, yet it was not even mentioned in our paper. She said, but I can tell you how many divorces there were, who's having an art show and that Miley Cyrus got engaged and that a man's sunscreen caught on fire in Massachusetts . She commented about all the silly blogs that were included as "news.  She's right. This paper is a joke. That's why I don't subscribe any longer, and countless others are also dropping their subscriptions. It is a needful thing to have the local interest stories, but come on people, unless you want to be a tabloid, shouldn't you include some of the actual news that is going on in the world? 

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