15 June, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

No, it is not my real birthday. Today is my spiritual birthday. 31 years ago today I gave my life to Jesus Christ, and I was born again. It's sometimes hard to believe it has been 31 years. Then again, it's sometimes hard to remember what it was like B.C..   I'm so grateful for the life I have found in Christ. It is a life I could never have dreamed of. In fact, just recently I was reading in my senior memories book from high school and I found a note that I had written saying that if I had not already died, I vowed to blow my brains out on my 35th birthday.  Life was just so empty and hallow back then that I thought life would be over by that time. Now, at 53 years old I look back and see that the happiest, most productive time in my life came after the age of 40. Satan wanted to take me out of the picture before I even got to that time in my life. I've learned that when troubles and problems are ramping up in my life, that is the time to buckle down and try a little harder, because there are blessings just ahead and the enemy of my soul is trying to discourage me from getting there. This is where I have found that I can in fact do all things through Christ, who is my strength. Sure, disappointments come, problems arise and people disappoint; but my life is in Christ, and I try to always keep in mind that this world is not my home... it is just a stopping off point in the journey. I am a citizen of Heaven and that is where my home, my hope and my heart is.

Someone asked me just a few weeks ago if I didn't ever miss being able to go out and get wasted to forget life's problems and trouble once in awhile. I told them that I missed it about as much as I miss that blockage that was in my heart a year ago. That stuff was bringing death and bondage to my life, and I would not want it back, not even for one night. When you have found freedom you never want to go back! That would be like asking me if I'd like to go back to Menard Penitentiary for awhile! Why in the world would anyone choose bondage over freedom?
I am free... and there is no turning back!
Thank you Jesus for the life you have given me!

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