06 March, 2012

Time To Get Out Of the Boat

I spent some time on the phone this morning talking with someone who was struggling with some questions in their life. Seems that they are at a place in their life and spiritual journey that they have some tough decisions to make. We all reach those places and times of tough decisions... and if they were easy to make, we would not call them "tough decisions." Right?  One of the hardest part of "growing up", whether that be in the natural or the spiritual realm, is knowing when to "get out of the boat."  When our kids grow up and are ready to leave the house, it is a time of conflicting and uncertain emotions. They are excited to launch out on their own, and we are excited for them... yet at the same time, it is sad. We know life will never be the same. They know it too. But it is part of growing up. It's the same thing spiritually.  There comes a time when it is time to "step out of the boat."  It's not saying that there is anything wrong with the boat or the one who owns it... it's just time to get out and go to a new place in our journey of faith. We no longer need the security of that one who had helped us to reach the place we are, and if we choose to stay in the boat, we will never walk on water and reach our destiny in Christ. In essence, that which has brought us safely thus far, becomes a hindrance to us, keeping us from taking that next step of faith. Like the other disciples who were in the boat that day with Peter, we will never walk on water either, until we are bold enough to step away from the safety of what we have known. It's not popular. Not one of the others dared step out with Peter... still he got to stepping.  The Bible does not mention the response of the others... but they were people... and I know people. Their responses were probably something like this; "Don't do it Peter, you'll drown!" Someone probably said he was crazy. Some probably mocked him. But Peter came to a place of decision... thinking to himself, "If I am ever going to walk on water, I've got to get out of the boat, no matter what anyone else says, does or thinks of me." 

Can I tell you... that's a tough place to be. When he stepped out of the boat, there was no one with him... except Jesus. Folks, that's what this faith walk is all about... being willing to leave behind all those people, places and things in which we've found security... knowing that those things that have helped to carry us this far are now holding us back... because we are comfortable there. We must all come to a place of decision... will we stay here where we are, in the places and with the people whom we've found companionship and comfort... or we make the decision to jump up and out of the boat and do what no one else is willing to do. 

Me... I'm gonna walk on water. 

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