24 July, 2011

Just Breaks My Heart

Most of you have heard by now the sad news of the death of Amy Winehouse. I realize that many of you have never even heard of her, so I'm posting a video clip of her singing. Amy was such a talented... gifted young woman who just trashed her life with alcohole and drugs. Just a few weeks ago she was literally booed off the stage in Belgrade because she was so wasted that she could not even perform. Just a few years ago when she burst onto the music scene, she was so fresh, so unique seemed to have the world as her oyster. But is soon became apparent that drug use was at some point going to cause her a devastating crash. I remember talking with my niece about her several years ago, and saying that my fear was that she was going to die young.... another Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and so many others. Ironically, there is a group, called "the 27 Club"; all stars who died at age 27. After her concert failure in Begrade, her manager had announced that she would not perform on stage "for quite some time."  I really hoped that meant she was going to rehab. Amy had mocked the notion of rehab and stopping her drug use. She even had a song entitled "Rehab" where she rejected the idea of rehab. And so, at the tender age of 27, when her life and career should be soaring... she is dead. I never knew that the death of someone I had never met could hit me so hard. It pains me to see a life with so much promise and hope twisted and torn and ending in a wreckage of death. Such a terrible shame that her life was stolen from her by drug use. Just a pity.

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