23 February, 2011

The Rise of a Dictator

Folks, I don't care if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or completely non-political, we all need to open our eyes as to what is happening. Not is Egypt or Lybia or Iran... I'm talking about right here at home. Today, February 23, 2011 we are witnessing a maneuver that is blatantly I violation of Constitutional authority. Today President Obama has decreed that his administration will not defend the law of the land when it comes to the Defense of Marriage Act which was passed in 1996. Obama has decreed that the law is unconstitutional. Folks, the United States President DOES NOT have that power. I do not care if you agree with this law or not, it is the law, and the President swears an oath to uphold the Constitution (the law of the land.) He does not get to change it at his discretion. If America allows this, we have opened a can of worms that cannot be re-shut. This is a CRUCIAL moment in our history.
Again, no matter which side of the law you come down on, we as Americans MUST demand that the President defend the Constitution or we must begin the process of Impeachment and removing him from office. If we allow this, which law can he simply decide he does not like tomorrow? I cannot scream it loudly enough, America had better wake up, and do so fast! I would not be surprised to see rioting in the streets of America over this, just as we are seeing in other countries. If need be, then that's what we need to do, because this man is making our U.S. Constitution out to be nothing more than Presidential toilet paper,


Anonymous said...

Nooo that is waht he wants us to do. Riot in the streets so he can declare martial law. Just hold tight and VOTE HIM OUT!!

Darrell said...

You are probably right.

Darrell said...


Anonymous said...

A few things....

First, it's not the first time this has happened. Andrew Jackson refused to enforce the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of the Cherokee Nation.

Somehow we survived.

Second, do you feel strongly enough about it to have America return all former Cherokee lands back to the Cherokees? I don't know where you live, but it might mean that your house now belongs to the Cherokee Nation.

Lastly, if a conservative president refused to enforce a liberal law that aided and abetted abortion, I'm betting you wouldn't be nearly so upset, nor would you likely think that it was some terrible precedent.

So, ultimately, even though I join you in your position for the most part, it IS a matter of Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. We are always going to look through those lens to some degree.

God bless.

Yo Dude

Bishop Jackson Plant said...

I believe that this is the start of his impeachment, he has violated his oath of office. ONLY the Supreme Court determines constitutionality not the executive.

Darrell said...

Yo, I appreciate you comments, but you'd be wrong. I would every bit as much upset in the case you mentioned. We, as a people, have got to stand with our Constitution, always. As for the Cherokee thing... being that my grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee, where do you think I stand on that one. :)

Anonymous said...


Then you do believe that, to be in accord with the Constitution, we should return all former Cherokee lands back to the Cherokees--no matter how much improvement has been done, no matter how many years have went by?

(I'm in the same boat you are when it comes to descent.)

Were you outraged when Ronald Reagan, in order to fight the communists, bypassed national law, thus breaking the Constitution, in order to fight a war with the Sandinistas? Or conducted negotiations with terrorists?

At the time, I certainly didn't see it as a bad thing. Why, he was just doing what was right!

With respect, I would submit that neither you nor I would be nearly so outraged by such actions if it meant that things would go more our way. That's only natural. There is NO WAY that I'm going to be nearly so upset about it if a president stops enforcing some law that I think is particularly wrong.

Oh, I may INTELLECTUALLY disagree, but we both know that we're going to feel different emotionally and politically.

Just my two cents.

Yo Dude