06 November, 2010

Sorry, But You're Too Good, So You Are Out

Crazy title, but that is exactly what happened to a 5th grade football team in Sedalia, Missouri. The Sedalia Junior Outlaws ran a perfect 6-0 season, outscoring their opponents 178-0 for the season. Their reward for their hard work and dedication? They were told that they would not be allowed in the playoffs because they were just too good and the other teams in the league complained that they would not be able to compete against them. Yep, you read that right. The best team in the league was told they could not compete for the championship because everyone feared they could not beat them. 

Hello? Isn't the champion supposed to be the best? 
This political correctness stuff is getting so out of hand. What ever happened to teaching kids that when someone wins, someone else loses. That's life! These kids have earned this. They worked really hard and were rewarded with a bitter lesson. What message was sent to the players of the Junior Outlaws? They were shown that if you work really hard and excel, you will be penalized and it will be taken away from you. The lesson learned? "No use is working hard. No use in trying?"  It has not been stated yet, but I will bet you that next season they will break this team apart spreading it's players out across the league.

Does this sound familiar at all to anyone?  This is exactly how socialism plays out. "Share the wealth!"  These kids worked so hard that they excelled and they were stripped of the right to run a perfect season through the playoffs. Could you imagine telling 2007 New England Patriots (who ran a perfect season) "Sorry, we a not going to let you play in the playoffs or Super Bowl... no one else can compete."  Sounds stupid, doesn't it? But that is the message we are sending to kids like this, and all across America today. Kids who cannot spell are treated with the same reward as those who excel at spelling. "We can't make them feel bad" we are told.  Our kids are being raised to believe there are no losers... which also means, there are no winners. They counter with, "but we are all winners!"  Sorry, life does not work that way. These 5th graders in Sedalia were just shown this in living color. "If you are too good, we will remove you from the equation."  

And what about those kids on the other teams in that league? They just received a great lesson of how socialism works. They did not work as hard as the kids on the other team, were not as good as the Outlaws... so their reward? "We will take from those who have and give to those who have not." That's socialism at it's finest. This is what the leftist agenda is in America. If you succeed in life, we will take what you have and spread it out to those who have not succeeded. Why do you think that 47% of American's do not pay taxes? (Yes, that is an accurate number) The get it all back every year... only they don't just get back what they paid... they get a bonus! They get earned income credit, and so on, so that they get a check, usually several thousand dollars as a bonus every spring. What's that all about? It's taking the "trophy" away from those who have worked hard and giving it to those who were less successful.  

Folks... this is socialism.
Who do you think pays for that "tax return" that people get as a bonus? It's not the Government... it's those people who have worked hard and have a huge portion of their reward taken from them as a penalty for succeeding!
*Important note: Something that you did not have cannot be returned to you!  It is "sharing the wealth. Taking from those who have, to give to those who have not.  

I know, there are those reading this that are saying, "sounds good to me."  And that is the problem. It does not take long for the people in the middle to think, "hey, I'm being left out of this."  So they can do one of two things. They can work extra hard so that they can achieve and become one of the "haves" OR they can stop trying, so that they can fall into the category that gets the bonus handed to them every year for not achieving. The vast majority decide that it is far easier to not try than it is to apply themselves to succeed. Besides... it they do reach the "haves" status, it means they have to now give up part of their pie to reward those that have not... so they choose not to try.
This is the great flaw of socialism. This is why every nation that has ever tried socialism has failed. Eventually there are just not enough people in the "haves" category to fund the "have nots" reward system.  But we, here in America are being force fed this steady, overwhelming diet of "this is the great euphoric society!" The expect us to believe that everyone will be happy and we will sit around singing "Kumbya" and everything will be wonderful.  Ask the Junior Outlaws of Sedalia how wonderful they feel right now. They were ripped off.
And this, boys and girls is how socialism works.

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