09 September, 2010

Hello? Anybody Listening?

Need more proof that socialism does not work? Take a little time today to search the net and you might be able to find a story that is not being widely reported that should be headline news. Fidel Castro, the revolutionary leader who in 1959 lead the overthrow of the Cuban government and ushered in Communism, is now proclaiming that the system is not working and needs to be thrown out. 

Time out... does my memory fail me, or did we not hear President Obama and countless others touting the Cuban healthcare system as one to be modeled?  This is exactly what they are bringing to America under Obama-care.  Now Castro says of the communist sytem: "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore."  Yet, we are expected to believe that this model will work for the United States? Really?

So, where's Danny Glover? Where is Sean Penn? Where are all these Hollywood "experts" who were glamoring for the spotlight to stand and proclaim the virtues and greatness of Cuba's government and healthcare? Strangely quiet, don't you think?

Fidel Castro, who stepped down from power 4 years ago do to health issues and his brother Raul who took over the government both are trumpeting the need to throw out socialist policies and start over. Meanwhile, here in America, people are following the Pied Piper down the same path that has destroyed the economy of Cuba.  Hope someone is listening... but probably not. Their too busy telling me why a preacher should not speak about such issues.  Go figure.

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