23 August, 2010

We Were Warned Long Beforehand, But Did Not Listen

Back in the 2004 Senate race in Illinois, Alan Keyes exposed Barak Obama clearly. Listen to not only the words of Keyes, but Obama. He showed his true colors in his statements. I've said it for years... people were never listening to what he had to say. They heard what they wanted to hear, left traditional and Christian values completely out of the mix and they were deceived. Note in particular Obama's comments about his own pastor, his own prayer and his own Bible reading. Of course since then, he has denounced that same pastor because Wright was exposed to be a bigot and pretty radical in his thinking and doctrine. We are paying a very costly price as a nation for our unwillingness to listen to what is really being said, and even more for not listening to the voice of God. I hope we learn.

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