13 July, 2010

Ever Wonder What Is Wrong With People?

I just cannot understand why some people have to vandalize and tear things and property up just "for the fun of it." Not far from where I live is the town of Knoxville, Illinois. On the edge of town there is a chapel, known as Saint Mary's Chapel that is all that remains of a once thriving girls school. The chapel was completed in 1888, and it WAS just beautiful. For those who don't know, I also own and operate a small photography company, and have shot on location at this chapel many times. But it seems each time I go, there is a little more damage done to this beautiful structure. I had not been there in several months, until last evening, and I was just appalled at what I saw. In the yard adjacent to the chapel, there were several historical monuments dating back to the 1800's. As of yesterday, all of these monuments, save one, has been destroyed. Vandals have damaged the building so severely that they have bolted chain link fence across the steps to try to hinder people from doing more damage. At the rear of the building, where vandals had previously broken in through windows, all of the windows are now boarded with huge boards. Not satisfied with being denied entrance to the chapel, vandals have literally knocked a hole about 8 to 10 feet wide through the stone wall. I was so mad as I viewed this... both at the vandals, and at the city and county cops for not doing more to prevent this! Why are they not lighting this place up, or placing an alarm system on this building? Why allow some idiot people a free reign at destroying an incredible piece of architecture and history? it is a crying shame to see this place destroyed. I'm thinking maybe we need to establish a group to preserve and restore this beautiful landmark.

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