08 July, 2010

Ever Want to Kill Someone?

We've had a hawk living in a tree behind our house for almost 2 years. While having him here has caused me to be a little cautious because of fear he might make off with our Pomeranian for a snack, I've loved having him around. Our house is pretty much the center of our city, so having a hawk live in our neighborhood is quite a rarity. I suspect that what originally drew him here, or at least caused him to stay here is that our neighbors put in a small pond with goldfish in it. Let's just say, they disappeared. Nonetheless, it's been cool to look out and see this beautiful bird perched in our backyard, or bathing in a puddle after the rain.

Yesterday afternoon when I came home, I found the hawk laying dead in our driveway. Someone had shot him. I cannot tell you the anger (as well as sadness) I had when I found him. I cannot believe someone would shoot him. But it also concerns me greatly that someone actually fired a gun right here in the middle of town and it appears that no one bothered to report to the police that shots were fired! I'm questioning what idiot would shoot into the air right here in town? What about stray bullets? If I discover who did it, I will be making a report to the police, but I believe I'm going to be having a serious confrontation with them about firing a gun into my yard. I'm angry over the loss of the hawk, but I'm also concerned for the safety of my family and neighbors as well.

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