27 May, 2010

Todd Bentley and the "Finance Angel"

I have spoke of this a couple of times and someone asked me for evidence of what I claimed Todd Bentley said. I'll give you more than "evidence", I'll give you the man saying on video, so you can see and hear him say it for yourself. Watch the video and he speaks of an angelic encounter with Heaven's Angel of Finance. He speaks of Bob Jones having an encounter with an Angel called the International Banker. The fact that he is hanging with Bob Jones ought to cause you to run! You may recall that in his big revival in Florida, Bentley constantly referred to having encounters with "Emma", also an angel. Listen, I believe in angels and believe we can have encounters with them, but this guy is loony. Can anyone show me or prove to me why Heaven would need an angel of finance or a banker angel? Get real!

I called him a nut and a heretic and dangerous when he was preaching his big revival in Florida, and we all saw what came out of that. Now he is back, and he and Rick Joyner are presenting something that is absolutely NOT in the Bible. Listen to it so you hear it for yourself, then RUN from ANYTHING this man says. I said it a few years ago and I will repeat it again concerning Bentley or anyone else presenting/preaching or teaching anything that is not Biblical. I don't care how much you see miracles, signs and wonders... false teaching is false teaching and it is damnable. To eat any of it is equivalent to allowing someone to make you a cake and tell you that they put a tablespoon of poison in that cake somewhere. The poison is only in one part of the cake and the rest of the cake is normal. It looks good, smells good and to taste the frosting, it tastes good. Are you going to eat that cake and take your chances that you get the poison? If you do, you are a fool.
Bentley preaches/teaches poison. Are you going to eat his teaching?

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