27 May, 2010

Obama to Impose Palestinian State On Israel

I totally missed this when it came out in the news... probably because it was NOT on the mainline news. (I know, we are all surprised by the fact the the mainline networks would cater to the Obama administration.) Here's the gist of the secret, behind the scenes agreement. Obama has given Israel until until the end of the year to concede to a Palestinian State. If Israel does not agree, Obama has agreed to hand the matter over to an "International Peace Conference" and the decision of that conference will be imposed on Israel. We all know that if this happens, Israel will come out on the short end of the stick, and it will lead to war. Once again folks, I say, keep your eyes toward the eastern skies. Jesus' return is closer than you think.

Here is the news story, posted May 5 on Signsofthelastdays.com:

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