25 February, 2010

I Just Don't Get It

I just have to say, "I don't get it." We had a special service last night at our church, believing God for miracles, and I believe there were people healed and set free. We've tried to let people know for a couple of weeks about this service. It was attended pretty well for a very cold Wednesday night, and like I said, God's Word was confirmed by signs and wonders.
Now here's the deal.
I came home late last night and checked my messages and there are couple and then a couple more already this morning. One said, "I really wanted to come last night, but it was cold, and I really did not want to miss American Idol. Please pray for me because I really need a miracle." Another said, I was going to come but it was so cold that I stayed home. Pray for me because if God does not do a miracle in my life I don't know what I am going to do."
All of these message (but one) said something similar to these. I hate to sound cold and hard hearted, but let's be honest... these folks don't really want their miracle!
They might want things to get better, but not if it means they have to do something or give something or put forth effort. They are looking at God like a fairy god-mother who might come floating in and wave her wand and suddenly everything gets better. They don't even want to exercise faith, which the Bible tells us, "without faith it is impossible to please him." I know some are probably going to get angry with me over this blog, but you know, sometimes my job as pastor is to make you mad. The fact is, you may direct your anger at me all you want, but the only one you should be angry at is yourself and satan because you have allowed him to rip you off once again!

I just don't get it. The woman with the issue of blood had to put forth a lot of effort to get to Jesus, and she exercised faith in doing so. Over and over, when the miracles came, someone exercised faith. But people don't seem to be willing to put for the the effort to pursue Jesus. I just don't get it.


jack69 said...

Brother, it must have been like this for ever. Mom took an 'emergency' call in 1954. Dad was the pastor but was out. The lady needed prayer, 'Now', could she come. She loaded me up we went down to her house. Mom was all fired up, ready to pray. I was 13 but I remember the lady saying, "Let's wait until 'I Love Lucy' goes off."
For years around our house in an emergency, someone would always say,"It can wait until Lucy goes off."
Yeah, sometimes it is hard to understand.
Good Blog, (I deleted to make spelling corrections)

Darrell said...

Jack, I'm laughing, but feel bad for doing so because it is so sad.

Anonymous said...
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