16 February, 2010

I Admit it... I'm addicted!

One of my food passions is for a good hot dog. Please notice, I said, "good" hot dog. I cannot eat just any hot dog because frankly (no pun intended) many of them will make me very sick. Literally.
But good ones.... I am convinced there there will be hot dogs at the marriage feast when we get to heaven. OK... maybe not at the marriage feast, but I KNOW that hot dogs will be in heaven. I think angels eat them now.

Anyway, I've been on this Atkins diet and if you know anything about a good hot dog, they don't have fillers, which means there are zero carbs or at least less than one carb per dog. A little while back I discovered Oscar Mayer Jalepeno Cheese dogs. I have come to the place I have to admit that I am addicted to them. Walmart ran out of them a couple of weeks ago and in typical Walmart fashion, they did not restock them for more than 2 weeks. I was going crazy! No other store in the area had them, so I drove round trip, 87 miles to get me some of my cherished dogs. This morning, I wanted them for breakfast! But I behaved myself... and just had an early lunch at 10:30. I just may have to find me a support group for my dog addiction!


Libby said...

Where did you go and when?

Darrell said...

QC a couple weeks ago.

Dan said...

That, my friend, is an interesting addiction. When we go out to our hunting camp, in Alaska, we eat hot dogs for lunch every day for the 20 day Moose season. They taste good every day. The rest of the year, I might eat four or five hot dogs.
As far as addictions go, your hot dogs are a pretty way to go!