09 November, 2009

Beware the Creeper!

Modern technology can be so much fun. Last night my wife, daughter and I ran to McDonald's for a quick bite to eat and decided to just eat there rather than take it home. Ashley happened to notice two of her good friends walk into the Steak and Shake next door and told me that they were there. She was going to text them, but Libby was talking to our son on Ashley's phone.
This idea popped into my mind that was just too good to pass up.

I told Ashley to text the Kelsey from my phone and say, "I see you." Kelsey would not know my number... and the message came back, "Who is this?" Ash sent the message back, "That's for me to know and you to find out." There was no reply for awhile, so we sent another message, "Tell Brandon I said hi." We could see them from where we were sitting and they both raised up in their seats and looked all over Steak and Shake trying to find who was sending the messages. Still no reply, so we sent, "Steak and Shake is pretty good, isn't it?" A reply came back immediately, "PLZ! Tell me who this is!" I took the phone from Ashley and sent the message, "Beware the Creeper!" A reply came back, "U R Funny." I knew that they were thinking that it was one of their friends who knew where they were, so I decided to make sure they knew we could see them. In just a couple of minutes the store manager happened to go to their table. I jumped on the opportunity and said, "Isn't the bald guy with the blue shirt and red tie cute?" The reply came back, "HEY!!!!"
They knew it was someone who could see them, and they began looking all around Steak and Shake again, then sent the message, "We don't know anyone in S and S, Who is this!?!"
I sent a message and asked "How is your shake? Looks good."
About that time I got a message from another number, which we knew to be Brandon's phone that said, "Who's number is this? I just got a new phone and I don't have your name." We sent the message back, "Nice try Brandon. :) " He sent one back that said, "Who's Brandon, this is Ted Stevens and I'm trying to figure out whose numbers are in my phone."

Realizing they were starting to get creeped out, I suggested that we let them off the hook, but Ashley wanted to make them wait until Monday at school. I told her that we could not do that because they'd really think there was some creeper out there after them. After a few minutes I overrode Ashley's determination to let the sweat it out and sent a message that said, "Stand up and look over at McDonalds." No response. So I sent one again, "Come on, look over at McDonalds." They tried, but could not see from the lights reflecting on the windows. Finally Kelsey left Steak and Shake and came running over to see who it was! Nice Brandon... be the man! lol

We had a good laugh, and Kelsey said she was really starting to get creeped out.
I just love being devious.

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