02 September, 2009

Had a Good Laugh Last Night

OK, most of you won't find it as funny as I did, but bear with me this time.
Yesterday my daughter took some of the advertising postcards for my photography business to school and was handing them out to some of her friends. (I've made a deal with her that I will give her a percentage of any business she brings me.) So she's handing out these cards and one "friend" who is in band with her comes over to the table and asks her how she came about handing out cards for Dan Ash. He said something to the effect of how good Dan's photos were and that he has already decided that is where he will go for his senior pics next year. He asked her a couple of times how she knew Dan Ash. She and some of her friends where chuckling at this boy and he asked again how she knew Dan Ash. Ashley held up one of the cards and said, "Take a good look at this card." He did and then just looked at her. She told him to look again then pointed to the picture of Daniel and then at herself and asked him, "who is this?" He said, "you and your brother?" She was laughing at him now and finally said, "Dummy, this is Daniel, I am Ashley... 'Dan-Ash'... my dad IS Dan Ash Photography." Others where laughing out loud at the kid now.

To that boy... you know who you are... thanks for the compliment, and rest in the fact that you are not alone. There have been many people make the same mistake. I get phone calls from people asking for Dan Ash and I've had people in town who have made the connection that I am the photographer, but they don't know me, and now usually a couple of times a month I'll have someone call me Dan or Mr. Ash.
I think I have created an alter ego. lol


Libby said...

I thought you already had one!

Michelle said...

Guilty as Charged!! Now...can I see your post card please????

Darrell said...

Ssshhhh! If you don't watch it Libby, people will catch on to my many personalities!