31 August, 2009

When Religion Kills

Not long ago I happened to meet a young woman who used to attend the church where I pastor. I was having coffee with 2 friends of mine and one of them who is a member of my church introduced me to this young lady and told me that she had grown up in our church. I invited her to come during and our revival and she indicated that she might do that. I had not seen her since then, but I saw her again today and I invited her to come try our church. Her words were polite, yet sharp as she said to me, "I've not been to church since I was twelve. I'm not buying what you are selling. Thank you, but I am just not interested." Flames shot from her eyes as she said these words. I know that look. It is the look of one who has been suffocated and ripped to peices and I know short of a miracle from the Lord, I will never have the opportunity to share my heart with her. I have no idea what she has been through or where life has taken her, but I feel nothing but love for this young lady. The sad truth is she has rejected "what I am selling" without ever knowing what it is that I am offering. You see, I am not interested in "selling" her anything, but rather I want to introduce her to LIFE and life more abundantly. I frankly don't care if she ever set foot in my church, so long as she meets Jesus. Not the stern faced Jesus that so many have been taught, but the Jesus with eyes of mercy and a smile on his face that offers freedom, not bondage. Again, I don't know where she has been or what road she has been down, but the Holy Spirit impressed on me that she was in a very religious home and religion failed her and that family and it was broken. I have no idea if she happens to read my blog, but I am praying that somehow she does or someone tells her about this and she reads, because I want her to know that there is a crazy preacher who is praying for her and asking the Holy Spirit to break through and to let her know that Jesus has never failed her. Her family, the church and religion may have failed, but Jesus never fails! Listen girl (and anyone else who is reading) you don't need religion, there's nothing to it anyway. Religion is not of God, but a tool of Satan to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came to give you LIFE... abundant life! A life filled with joy, peace and strength!

Those of you who read the Dawghowse who are enjoying the life in Christ, I am asking you to pray with me for this young woman. I will not share her name here, that would be inappropriate. But God knows who she is and I am asking you to join me in prayer that love will break through the shell of protection that she has built around her. I may not have her ear, but I know a God who can break through!

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