21 August, 2009

A Reminder...

This morning I was sitting and reflecting on what God has been doing at Harvest Church and those that would stand in opposition of it and ridicule the move of God. I was reminded of the river vision I had about 3 years ago, and in that vision there were people who stood and mocked and even cursed those flowing in the river. There were those who got out of the river and said, "I don't like that direction" and they turned and walked the way the river had gone before it shifted directions. There were those who got out of the river and and set up camp on the bank at the place where the river turned. God was saying that not everyone will go where the river will take them. It is a complete shifting, a change of direction and it is a place where those who go must abandon ALL attempts to control but rather must go with the flow. This move is for those who will yeild themselves completely to the ebb and flow of the Holy Spirit and trust God rather than man's traditions and religion.

Again, let me remind the church of what the Lord spoke to me back in 2006. " I will move in this church to the degree that you will allow me to move."

I say, "Have your way Lord!"


Michelle said...

Well this is an ON TIME word Pastor!! Pretty good description of THCOG too! If people would just jump in..and quit trying to tread the water...but let GOD do the moving...thats what he wants! Amen!! Praise God for doing this in his obedient churches!

Jon.B said...

I'm still yielding and I know God have been doing some great things for my family.