24 August, 2009

Don't Let Satan Steal Your Fries!

ohn 10:10 "The thief's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.

It's been a great week in Galesburg and at Harvest Church. We've seen several people saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, many people healed, and heard testimonies of how God is doing wonders in marriage and in the finances of God's people. And just the way it always goes, when people begin to obey God, satan rears up and tries to divert the attention from what God is doing. Rather than get upset, I choose to rejoice because it speaks to me that something we are doing is right because we have drawn the attention of the enemy. That just stirs something in me and tells me to go for it with all I've got!

I preached a message yesterday about not letting satan steal your dreams. In response to this, someone sent me an email this morning with the following story in it:

Our church has a catch phrase that we use to encourage one another, "Don't let Satan have your fries." We all know what it means, but let me explain it to those of you who do not. Some time back there was a guest speaker at a conference who told the story of when he was just a young boy. He said that when he was a small child one of his favorite things was McDonald's french fries. He spoke how he and his father would spend special times together by making a trip to McDonald's for some of those fries. One Saturday they made their usual trip to McDonald's and as they sat down he noticed that his bag of fries was not as full as it normally is. His father, saw the disappointment in his son's face and he wanted to get what he paid for, so he went took the bag back to the counter and asked them to please fill the bag with fries. The teenager working behind the counter thought the man was being rude crammed the bag with as many fries as he could possibly fit into it. His dad took the fries back to the son and said "Son, don't let them steal your fries."

There is a powerful lesson in that little story! Not about french fries, but we all have things in our life that we hold dear, things we value... and it is a fact, satan wants to steal them from us. For many of us, it is our relationship with Christ in general. For others it is our destiny. For some it is the healing they just received. For some it is the financial miracles we prayed for and and are believing God for. What ever it may be, satan desires to steal them or divert the promises of God. Don't let satan steal your fries! Don't settle for anything less that what God has promised! Don't let him have a single fry! God has healed, restored and promised blessing... lay claim to all of these and do not give any ground back to the enemy of our souls.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but I declare and decree today that satan cannot have a single one of my fries! I receive and live in the fulless of life that Jesus came to give to me. I walk in wholeness of life, health and prosperity. I am blessed coming in and going out. My heavenly Father has good things in store for me. These are mine, in Jesus' Name!

Let this be our rallying cry: "Don't let satan steal your fries!"

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