05 June, 2009

What's Your Price?

I recently read a story of how there was a huge portion of land in the northern part of Australia that once belonged to the Aborigines, who are a very superstitious people. Apparently that land was absolutely covered with massive amounts green ants. The Aborigine people believed that those green ants were sacred descendants of their pagan gods, so they would not harm the ants. In the early 1970's a mining company discovered huge deposits of uranium in that region, and they approached the Aborigines about purchasing that land and mining the uranium. The Aborigines refused, explaining that if the mining company destroyed the land of the sacred green ants, that their gods would place a curse upon them and that they would face years of drought and famine.

Guess what happened?
In 1974, they ended up selling the land to the mining companies.
Do you know what changed their minds?
8.3 million dollars!
Someone said, “They may be gods, but for 8.3 million they can find another place to live!”

When I read this story, it got me to thinking, at what price are my convictions (or your convictions) for sale?
I can tell you, I have known a lot of Christians who have sold out for a lot less than 8 million dollars. Some sold out for a few minutes of sex. Some have sold out for a little bit more on their tax return. Some have sold out for recognition. I could go on and on, but I just wanted to pose the question today for us to think about: At what price are your convictions for sale?

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