08 June, 2009

It Just Breaks My Heart

OK, so I'm talking with someone today whose life is really a mess. I mean messed up. This person has known Christ before. In fact, she had a powerful walk with God at one time. Somewhere along the line she started making some bad choices, one after until now the cords of her life have unraveled and her life today would not even pass for a shadow of what it once was. She's bound by addictions, had several broken relationships, divorced, now a single mom and she can hardly take care of her children because of her drug use. A once beautiful young woman has been ravaged by her drug use and hard living and she looks much older than she is. I could go on, but suffice it to say, her life is literally in ruins. And today I run into her and we talked. She was fairly honest about her life, not completely, but fairly honest. I confronted her with the fact that she was leaving out, and while obviously miffed, she acknowledged what I was saying was true. So I just asked what to me was the obvious question: "Why are you doing this?" Her response took me a bit off guard. She said, "I'm just enjoying life for awhile and then I'll come back to church." I told her that I nor God was particularly worried about her "coming back to church" but rather her coming back to Jesus. She replied that when she was done having her fun, she'd make her peace with God. I sat there, stunned, for a little bit and I asked her if she was really having fun. I asked her if it was really fun to have STD's? Is it really fun to live with one guy after another and parading men in and out of her children's lives? Is it fun to have to do anything and everything to get the drugs she needed? Is it fun to look in the mirror and see her beauty fading away?
There were several other questions I added to this list, but you get the idea. She looked at me with cold, empty eyes and told me that I was just jealous of the freedom that she had. I left her shortly after that, and as I walked away, I was thinking, "they exchanged the truth for a lie" (Romans 1:25) How truly sad. This young lady really does not see the truth anymore. I don't believe she see's the dullness of her skin, eyes and hair. She is not able to see that no respectable man really wants anything to do with a woman like her as she is. And I know she has no clue that she has taken the devils bait and swallowed it hook, line and sinker and she has chosen to make her dwelling in the pig pen and she does not even recognize where she is. All day I have just been stunned at the choices this woman willingly makes, and I wonder, how will she fell defend herself as she stands before the Lord and all she will be able to say is, " I just wanted to have fun." I pray before that great and terrible day she wakes up and gives her heart back to Jesus. I pray she has that chance. I'm just beside myself tonight, wondering, how in the world does someone, anyone, drift so far away from God that they honestly think they are having fun when their life is being stolen from them?

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