03 December, 2008

The Pumpkin King

If you know me very well or if you have read my other blog about my battle of weight loss, you know by now that I have a real struggle with pumpkin pie. Last week, on Thanksgiving and the next morning, I disposed of entire pumpkin pie (except one piece) all by myself. Those who really know me know of the adventure with 4 and a half pies in one day. Yep, I am a pumpkin addict. I love just about anything pumpkin. I thought I was the "Pumpkin King" until I met this little guy. This is a squirrel that lives in our yard. In short, he is addicted to pumpkin.
A few Sundays ago, we had several pumpkins on our front porch and we watched this little fellow come up and start gnawing on one of them. He went at it like there was no tomorrow, and just kept going until he had chewed his way through and was inside, where he devoured that pumpkin. He literally stayed there for about 2 hours, leaving briefly at one point, only to return within just a couple of minutes to go at it again. The next day he was back again, eating the entire contents of a fairly large pumpkin.

We decided that rather that throw out our pumpkins that we'd put them out in the back yard and let the squirrel have them this winter. He's now on his third pumpkin. I saw him out there yesterday and again this morning going at it. I noticed today that the color of his fur was taking on an orange look. I thought it was funny so I took a couple of shots of him to share on here. I tried to get closer, but he runs away when I do, so these will have to do. Notice especially the color of his tail. This is not something on the outside of his fur, he is literally turning orange. I may have to see if I can find him some more pumpkins to get him through the winter!

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