29 November, 2008

What If?

I'm sitting around wondering today, "What if?"
What if... in the last month of this year, every single person in the Body of Christ accepted the challenge to win just one person to Christ?
Can you imagine?
Is it really that hard to imagine that in the next 32 days YOU could lead someone to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?
Really... is it that hard?

The fact is that at this time of year, hearts are tender; people become more reflective, sensitive and are ripe for the harvest.
What if rather than spending hours of our time and a boat load of money trying to find that "perfect gift" for a loved one, what if we put forth that kind of effort to lead them to Christ? After all, is there anything we could give them that would mean more or impact their life more than to introduce them to Jesus?

What if?
Can you imagine?
Churches that have 30 in attendance tomorrow, (November 30th) would start the new year off by having 60 in attendance on January 4th. If this happened in my church, we'd have to bring out the extra chairs we have stored in various places in the church to hold the 180 or more that would be in church!
Sounds impossible... but WHY?
Is it really asking that much of us to tell some one the story of what Jesus has done in our life and what He wants to do in their life?
It is really that simple.
It's not a 3 point sermon they need to hear... they simply need to hear our story.
That's what your testimony is. It is simple as telling someone the change that has come in our life because of Jesus, and that He can do the same thing for them.

What if?
It really IS possible!

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