23 September, 2008

Meet Copper and Rowdy

I was just thinking tonight that I have not introduced the blogging world to our new additions to our family. You may recall that our dog Cinnamon died back in April. We wanted to wait at least until summer was over to get another dog because we had such a busy schedule. Right at the end of summer, Ashley told us about a dog at the animal hospital where she works. Rowdy was one of the funniest looking dogs we'd ever seen. He was 5 years old and had been raised by an elderly woman who had to move into a nursing home. She had his hair shaved so short that all that was left was the undercoat hair, only about an eighth of an inch long. We still can't even tell what color he is supposed to be. He is spoiled rotten and FAT. He is on a special diet, but it is not working because he will eat non-stop. He eats all his food then goes after Coppers too.

A few weeks after we adopted Rowdy, Ashley came home telling us about another dog, a Pomeranian, which was what Cinnamon was. I said "No" several times, but on Sunday afternoon I fell asleep on the couch and when my wife came home from taking Ashley to work, Copper came home with her. I again said, "No" repeatedly, but between the sad looks Libby was giving me and the big smile on Daniel's face that was begging me to cave in... I did, so we became a two dog household. Copper was a show dog, but had surgery on his knee which went bad and he was no longer capable of being shown, so his owner did not want him anymore and sent him to the hospital to find him a home. Copper is nuts... and I mean nuts. He is extremely hyper and jumps a couple of feet in the air when he is excited. He keeps re-injuring his knee. He is much smaller than Rowdy so you'd think that Rowdy would be the dominate one in the house... but not quite. Copper will allow it to go so far, then he turns and fights back and the show is on. They run through the house trying to prove who is going to be king of the hill until I finally tell them to stop. They are really a trip.

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Sarah said...

We saw a Pom the other day and Court was wondering if you all got another dog yet. Very funny! Cute pups. Does this help fill the 'emptier' nest a little?