24 September, 2008

"Gaff-A-Day Joe"

This is priceless. Take a few minutes and watch this video and and listen carefully to the words of Joe Biden. At around the 37 second mark and following, he speaks about how when the stock market crashed in 1929, President Roosevelt got on television and spoke to the nation.
Hello? Roosevelt? Television?
The President when the stock market crashed was Herbert Hoover. However, Biden is correct in that FDR was the first US President to appear on television, but that was in 1939 in a demonstration at the World's Fair.

A friend of mine says Joe Biden is good for a gaff a day and he calls him "Gaff-a-day Joe." Can you imagine if Sarah Palin had made these mistakes? The media would be all over her to the point that the election would be over. But I'll bet most of you have not seen this before now, have you? Isn't it interesting in how the media tries to play us like a fiddle? The sad thing is that they are succeeding with so much of the nation.

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