18 April, 2008

This Man Is An Idiot!

If you have been living in a cave somewhere, maybe you don't know that former President Jimmy Carter made the brilliant decision to meet with the terrorist group Hamas this week.
Yeah, this is the same Jimmy Carter who tried his dead level best to destroy the American economy back in the 70's. Ever wonder where the concept of not drilling for oil in Alaska came from? Jimmy Boy!
During his administration a legislation was introduced to protect huge tracts of land in Alaska, but it was defeated, opening the door to drilling. But wait... Jimmy pulls an old obscure statute out of his hat called the American Antiquities Act of 1906 and he declared 56 million acres of Alaska a National Monument, thereby blocking any development or drilling for oil on that land. I find it kind of ironic that we had the first oil crisis under the administration of Jimmy Carter, and now, when we desperately could use this oil so that we would not be dependent upon middle east oil, we can't access it because of the actions of this man. Rather ironic, don't you think?

For those of you who are too young (or maybe too old) to remember, one of the great embarrassments of the Carter administration was when a bunch of Iranian students took over the American Embassy in Iran and held it for over a year. Carter tried to pull off a surprise rescue, which failed miserably. Remember, this was students putting a whuppin' on the US. Then to add further embarrassment, the day Carter left office, the students released all hostages and handed back the embassy. He was hated by the people of the middle east. I wanted you to keep this in mind as we fast forward more than 25 years and we watch the news and see that this nut case flies to the middle east and meets with a terrorist organization saying he wants to bring peace. Peace? The Hamas have clearly stated that their objective is not peace, they want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth! There will be no peace with these folks! Senators and Congressmen from Carter's own political party pleaded for him not to do this, and when he ignored them and went, they all scurried to place themselves in front of news reporters and denounce his trip and state clearly that they were distancing themselves from Jimmy Carter. The guys a loose canon and a nut!

So, what did the Hamas have to say about Carter's effort? Two Hamas leaders, Mahmoud Zahar and Said Siyam released a statement that said, "This meeting is a message to those who don't recognize Hamas' legitimacy as a movement."

Carter met with Hamas leaders in Egypt yesterday and today will meet with militant Hamas leaders and businessmen in Syria. There is a part of me that inwardly wishes that they'd decide to take him hostage, and that the US would tell them to
keep him. The man is an embarrassment to his country. Washington has declared Hamas to be a terrorist organization, and it is illegal in this country to do business with anyone who appears on the terrorist list. Yet Carter goes and negotiates with them. I don't get it. Former President or not, this guy is a nut. Turns out that this statue found in Georgia is a pretty accurate description of the man.


Anonymous said...

You need to read Mark Bowden's book & get the correct historical perspective!

Anonymous said...

The parallel between Carter and Bush is that they had to live with the inept leadership of their predecessor, and trusted their military to know what they were doing (they didn't/don't) when the 2 presidents went to the mid-east.

This time, the most moral man on the planet is trying to make peace without the military - he certainly can't do worse.

Anonymous said...

As a result of Carter's most recent trip to the area, Hamas is prepared to issue a truce if Israel gives back the land they agreed to leave to the Palestinians in the 1967 treaty. This is a small portion of the land of Israel and they simply want that land back without fences blocking them from resources like the river or from each other. Sounds to me like he is trying to achieve peace and succeeding. Not talking with the Palestinians has brought us to where we are today and that has obviously not worked.

Do you not remember Carter brokering a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel? His methods do work. That was no small feat. Carter is a man of peace and believe it or nice, peace is reachable and peaceful actions can bring about more peace.