16 April, 2008

The "god" of this Generation

It is not that it is a new thing, but recently I have become even more keenly aware that people today know a god that they have created from their own understanding rather than knowing Jehovah God of the Bible. This modern god is a god of convenience. When things are going well, they speak well of him, when things are going bad, they blame him for all the stuff that "HE is making them go through." It's funny, because they really give him no credit for the good things in their life, except for rare moments or times they happen to be in a conversation about God. But the second anything goes wrong, it is all his fault and they are ready to dump him. One person recently wrote that if things don't start going better in her life, she would simply stop believing and having faith in God. I submit that she NEVER HAS had faith in God... not the God of the Bible. Why is it that people like this think they can live in sin, curse, smoke, drink, sleep around, do drugs, and somehow blame God for the trouble that comes their way? It's because they don't know God. They have no comprehension of who he is. They know a few favorite verses of scripture that they quote (usually incorrectly or out of context or both) when they want a blessing, and get mad when the blessing does not come. Satan, the great deceiver has done a masterful job on this world. They don't even acknowledge that he exists, giving him a free run at destroying lives, knowing that these people will point an accusing finger at God for their woes. This is why the church has got to arise and begin speaking the truth in a way that confronts this deception. Even if it angers people, we must expose the lie. The Bible tells us that darkness flees from light. When we bring the light of Jesus Christ on the scene, things will change. They have too. Doesn't mean everyone will turn and follow Christ, but when they are confronted, they must make a decision, one way or another. We cannot make the decsion... but we can... we must be the light bearers.

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