10 March, 2008

Been One of THOSE Days

I've had one of those days where you just can't wait the day to end so nothing else can happen. I know we've all had them, and things will get better, but this one has been the pits. I'll give a very brief rundown of what this one was like.

It actually began last night. I could not sleep for anything, even though I was just exhausted. Finally, at about 2:30 this morning I took a couple of sleeping pills. Even with the sleeping pills, I still did not rest well. I barely stirred when Libby and the kids got up and got ready, but was awakened by the ringing of the phone just after 7:30. When I woke up my neck was out of alignment so bad that my eyes were literally crossed and I had a headache that would make a hangover seem as bothersome as a splinter. As if that was not bad enough, the phone call was an unhappy person from the church that just read me the riot act. My head was hurting so bad that I thought I would vomit, so I was not responding very much to the person on the phone which just infuriated them even more. I tried explaining that I was really sick and that I would call them back when I felt better. That would not do, they wanted to talk now. I finally told them that I understand they were upset and there really was nothing I could do to help them at the moment, so I was going to do what I could to help myself, and I hung up the phone. Probably made them even madder, but you know, enough is enough. This set the tone for the day. No matter what I did today, I could not get any relief from the headache.

This is already getting far longer than I intended for it to become, so rather than give the play by play, I will just summarize. Someone dumped a bunch of bricks and other junk onto the road and drove off and left it, and we came up on it and hit it with our van, busting the rim and ruining a tire, knocking the front end out of alignment and possibly even more. They cannot tell the full extent of the damage until the new rim and tire is on the car, but they suspect that the hub is damaged and there could be more. The estimate is at least $1000 and could be significantly more. Of course, since the person who dropped the stuff off his trailer kept going, our insurance has to pay for it, and it will cost me $250 out of pocket.

I won't go into it, but we had a sequence of bad experiences in a restaurant tonight that was so bad that they literally took half the amount off our bill. That was very nice of them, but it does not make up for the horrible service and the messed up meals.

There was a couple other things that went on today, like the insurance company screwing up and leaving me without a rental car for hours. Then, because of their delay, the only car they had available is smaller than what I should have gotten. I was supposed to get a Pacifica, but I ended up with an Chevy HHR. Again, I was not happy... still ain't!

All in all, this day has sucked lemons, and I am glad that it is now coming to an end. As soon as I hit the "Publish" button, I am taking another pain pill and going to bed. Hopefully I will awaken to a brighter day tomorrow.

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