01 February, 2008

Vote Democrat? You've lost your mind!

I know some will not like that subject line, but listen up. Many people will vote for the Democrat in this Presidential election because they are a Democrat, always have been a Democrat and always will be. It really does not matter who the nominee is, they will vote for him or her. I will openly tell you that while I am a registered Republican, I do not vote by political party. In my life I have voted for candidates from both of these parties, as well as independents, because I vote for the man or woman who I believe is the best person for the job. I have NEVER voted for someone just because of the party they are aligned with. This year however, there is no question I am voting for the Republican candidate, no matter who gets the nomination. Let me try to explain why.

First let me say, it is NOT because of the political party that I will not vote for a Democrat, it is the candidates. It only takes a few minutes to examine the stands of both Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, and one can see that either one of these two will take our nation to a place we cannot afford to go. In last nights debates, when pressured by Wolf Blitzer, both candidates admitted on national television that they would increase taxes. Also, both candidates will push for a National Health Plan. On the surface, this may sound good, but stop and think about what they said. Both of the Democratic candidates said they will mandate that you buy health insurance for yourself and your family and even worse, that they will mandate that the health insurance companies cover everyone, regardless of their pre-existing condition. Suppose someone is an alcoholic, drug addict, 200 pounds over weight, or any other condition... the insurance company must cover them. Hello? Are you listening America? The government is saying that you WILL buy insurance. You have no choice.
First... do you see your liberties being stripped away from you? This is NOT how our nation works.
Second... if they mandate that you buy insurance... how do you pay for it? Let's assume you currently have no health insurance and you are living on $500 a week. I'd be willing to wager that you have no insurance because you cannot afford it; right? So now they mandate you buy insurance, and they even manage to cut the cost down to say $250 a month (no way is that happening... but for the sake of argument lets use that figure) how many of you have an extra $250 a month in your budget to purchase this insurance? I'd say the vast majority of Americans do not. But both Obama and Clinton are going to MANDATE that you buy this insurance, under penalty of law. How do you pay for this? Something has to give in your budget. What will you do? Better figure that out if you plan on pulling the lever to vote for one of these two!

And what about the freedoms of those who own the insurance company? Based on what both of these candidates said last night, they will be forced to insure someone who is a ticking time bomb health wise. Do you see that what is happening is that these two are waning to destroy our free market economy system by the government sticking its finger in the system and telling businesses how much profit they are allowed to make! Folks, I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't mind telling you that this kind of talk scares me! We are heading for a Marxist nation!

People, get off the "party" system and look at the individuals and what they stand for. I submit that our nation does not need a universal health care program; our nation needs smaller government that spends less. What our government needs to do is protect our boarders and put a stop to the illegal immigration. Our government needs to protect our free trade system so that we have jobs where we can earn a decent living and purchase our own insurance. When the government limits productivity and profit, jobs will be cut. That is just a fact. Less profit = job cuts so we have higher unemployment.

My main point of this post is to get you to open you eyes to see that both of the Democratic candidates are openly promoting a platform that will strip Americans of our freedoms and rights. They are destroying our Constitution. I have to question, how can the people of America be so blind or uneducated as to what the role that the Federal Government is supposed to play in our lives? If you listened to Obama or Clinton last night they gave the impression that the Federal Government is like a toy store that has it's doors open with sign that says "Come in and take what you want."
The question is... at what price?

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Neil said...

The sad thing is we don't have a much better choice with the Republicans. I think a vote McCain is about like voting for a Democrat, I'm sure he's a good person and all...but!