01 February, 2008

Fox News is Biased

I am so disappointed in Fox News. I normally watch Fox news all the time, but I am getting so disgusted with them I have found myself watching CNN more and more over the past week. They have such an obvious bias against Mike Huckabee that it is absolutely sickening. This morning took the cake as they hit an all-time low. During the "What's Happening" program they were looking ahead to Super Tuesday and by looking at the polls they were looking at how many delegates each candidate might gain on Tuesday. They projected McCain to gain the most delegates and Romney a few, and stated that Huckabee would not pick up any delegates, but his only role in the elections on Tuesday would be to pull enough votes to ensure that Romney would not get very many delegates. Now if this were the truth, I could handle that and would admit it. However, the truth is Fox was playing a game with the numbers trying to discourage people from voting for Huckabee.

Here's what they did.

Remember, they were suppose to be looking at the Super Tuesday states and available delegates. The Problem is, they did not look at ALL of the the states. They completely left out of their report Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Alabama... all of the states where Mike Huckabee happens to be leading in the polls. Kind of a convenient omission, don't you think?

Once again, we see the media trying to sway an election rather than reporting the facts. I always thought I could trust Fox News, but they have proven to me over the last couple of weeks that this station is every bit as guilty as all the others when it comes to their biased reporting and deliberate attempts to manipulate how we think.

I am deeply saddened.

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