15 January, 2008

The Untold Story From the Michigan Primary

My son and I have been sitting here tonight watching the results come in from the Michigan primary, which Mitt Romney has been projected to win. As I type this, they are interviewing Mike Huckabee and they are trying to spin it that he is the big loser tonight. In actuality, nobody gave Huckabee a change at all in Michigan, and he himself said that if he could come in third or fourth he would be happy. He did come in third, pulling 16% of the votes at this point, so I think he has done well.

But there is a story in tonights election that is mysteriously not being reported. Most of the media was pushing McCain and in fact prior to the results coming in tonight, most were predicting McCain to win this primary, or to come in a very close second. But Romney is leading McCain 39% to 30% with 66% of the returns counted. Now all of a sudden, rather than talking about McCain being the big loser, they want to paint Huckabee in that picture. Make no mistake about it. McCain took a major blow tonight. Only 13% of conservatives voted for McCain tonight. He was counting on having Michigan in his pocket and it did not happen. Of course, now the media is spinning it that Romney only won because it was his home state. The fact is, the conservative base is rejecting McCain, hands down. I wish the media would stop trying to push McCain down our throats.

I am going on record right here, and you can check me out this weekend.
I predict that Huckabee will win Saturday in South Carolina and the media will spin it that he only won because of the religious folks in the south and completely discredit his win.


Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

The "man from HOPE" has my primary vote in February here in the "land of Lincoln."

When are YOU coming to the Windy City?

Sarah said...

It hurts that McCain took South Carolina. I agree with you on the liberal media push of McCain. It is sickening.