29 January, 2008

Hold the Fort Folks!

The media has pronounced the Republican primary race over and is ready to place the crown on the head of John McCain after his win in Florida tonight. The have now decided that it is a two man race between McCain and Romney and are citing the polls to say McCain is the clear front runner and winner.

Once again, I say, People, think for yourselves instead of letting the media make up your mind for you. The news media is supposed to
report the news, not make the news, but they are certainly trying to sway the tide right now. Let's look at the scene as it really is.

After tonights election in Florida, McCain is ahead in delegates. Here is the breakdown:
McCain: 93
Romney: 59

Huckabee: 40

To secure the nomination, on must garner 1181 delegates.
There are 2157 delegates still out there waiting to be won.
Folks, do the math! So far only 1/10th of the delegates are accounted for!
This thing is far from over.

In 8 different National Polls, Huckabee is running ahead of Romney, yet the media is declaring that the race is between McCain and Romney.
Why do you think that is? I think it is a strong, anti-Christian movement by the media. Do you realize that in our nations history, there has only been one preacher to be elected as President? (And no, it was not Jimmy

As you well know, things can change rapidly in election politics, but as of right now, Huckabee is leading in the polls in Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee and Oklahoma, and he is very well within striking distance in Alaska, North Dakota, Montana and West Virginia. If the trend continues and he wins all or most of these states, he will have about 300 delegates lined up for him. That is a serious number for this stage of the game and makes him a contender folks.

My point is that it is way too early to give in to despair and throw in the towel.
We can still do this!

Go Mike!

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