03 January, 2008

Global Warming? You've Got To Be Kidding!

OK, so I've been whining about the cold weather up here in Galesburg. (So, what else is new?) This is normal for up here. It was so cool the entire first summer that we lived here that I got rid of our swimming pool and my wife kept asking me where I had moved her to. This region is known for it's up and down weather with extreme heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter. That's just the way it is.
But it's an bit different when it is snowing in Atlanta, Georgia and it's in the 20's in parts of Florida and 30 degrees in Miami. And that's where what happened yesterday and last night. I received a message from a friend in the Miami area today that is was below freezing, and I looked up a weather map, and the entire south-east is in a deep freeze. Global warming at it's finest, folks! Where is Al Gore and his gang today?

It amazes me how the media only gives part of the story, when it is convenient to their cause. Last summer it made all the news how the ice in the Antarctic waters was melting at a record rate and touted it as proof of global warming. The funny thing is that a couple months later, they did not carry the reports that the same region was experiencing record freezing, and that by October there was already more ice mass in the Antarctic than what is typically achieved by February.*

Isn't it amazing that all these tree-hugging lib's are silent at times like this?

*Note: I had read some about this Antarctic phenom back in October, and as I was trying to find a story on it this morning to link to my blog, I ran across this blog which has documented what is taking place with photos and links to a video. If you are interested, you might want to check this out. http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2007/10/antarctica-ice-cap-growth-reaches.html


Anonymous said...

Poor Baby, it's cold outside! Of course, that's just what
Shirley tells me when I have to feed the chickens, dogs, cats, turkeys and guineas and break the ice out of the water buckets. One thing about it though. Its all His creation, and we do dearly love Him and are thankful for every day that He gives us to live and work in it. "So teach us to number our days , that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom Ps 90:12." Love ya,Dago. Enjoy the day. Peace, Mike

Neil said...

All I can say is when I woke up this morning in the Sunshine State it 35 and that's too cold for Tampa, Florida!

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...


I'm up here in CHICAGO, where we had wind chills way below ZERO..
and have you read any of "my complaining..."


So "man up" dude! LOL