27 November, 2007

Our God Reigns (?)

"Our God Reigns!"
Powerful statement. We sing about it all the time in various songs. We wear it on T-shirts.We say it to one another in religious ceremonies and services and it brings us much comfort and peace to say and to hear, "Our God reigns!"

But, as I have been sitting here this morning pondering that statement, I have found myself wondering; "Does our God really reign?"
No, I've not flipped my lid. Hear me out.

Let me begin with giving you the definition of "reign" from Dictionary.com
  1. Royal rule or authority; sovereignty
  2. Dominating power or influence
  3. To possess or exercise sovereign power or authority
  4. To hold the position and name of sovereign without exercising the ruling power.
  5. To have control, rule, or influence of any kind.
OK, I am going to assume we all understand that definition. But here is the question, as I have pondered it:
Are we allowing God to reign in our lives?

The reality is that God has give to each of us free will and choice. Part of that free will is whether or not we will submit ourselves to his authority and will... or, his reign.
God has the ultimate power, authority and sovereignty, yet he allows us to make our own choice. For us to proclaim "our God reigns" is nothing short of a lie if we are not yielding our will, our desire and our passions to him. Many proclaim that they have, yet their actions speak volumes louder than their words.

"Our God reigns".... "but my family comes first. God understands."

"Our God reigns".... "but I can't pay my tithe this month because I have so many Christmas gifts to buy. But I'll pay them next month."

"Our God reigns"... "but I can't give to missions or to help a struggling widow, I have a big party coming up and there just is not enough money to go around."

"Our God reigns"
... but I can't make it to church again this week, there is just too much to do."

And the list can go on and on.
We SAY that our God reigns but the reality for the vast majority is that he does not because our will, our desires, our wants, our plans ALWAYS supersede His, and folks, that is not reigning, that is making Him our idol that we can take out to worship or put away again at any time we choose! Truthfully, many people treat God more like a pet than they do as the supreme power and authority of the universe. We get him out when we need comfort, when we want to snuggle up to him or when we need protection, but we stick him away in a cage the rest of the time. Once a week (or less) we get him out and love on him and sing to and about him, but then he goes back in the cage until next week.

I think I have said enough.
But let me leave you with this question. Does God "reign" in your life?


Tex said...

Great Comment. He should Reign and will Reign in all.

Texas Ron Linebarger

Mark said...

with the definition provide, it would vary from person to person... sometimes it could be questionable in all our lives...