25 November, 2007

It's Called Christmas!

I am sick and tired of this "Happy Holiday" stuff. It amazes me that for hundreds of years we celebrated Christmas, wished people a Merry Christmas, had Christmas trees, Christmas vacation from school, Christmas parties, Christmas music... and so on, and I never once... not one time growing up did I hear of someone being damaged by it. But suddenly, it is taboo. We can't offend anyone now, can we?
Funny thing, I don't hear anyone fussing about Kwanzaa... Have you?
And nobody gives a care if I am offended because someone else's observance of Ramadan offends me in any way. Why is it that the only one that offends people or the only time the courts step in, is when it is about my Jesus?
I don't know about you... but I am sick and tired of it.
Try shutting me up. I am going to tell everyone Merry Christmas... and if I walk into a store or anywhere else and they say to me, "Happy Holidays" I am going to correct them and tell them, "It's called CHRISTmas!

Hope you enjoy the song!

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