22 October, 2007

Yet One More Reason to Stay Away From Holiday Inn

I just read an article about a Holiday Inn near Chicago that canceled a Christian banquet because there was the possibility of a protest by homosexual activists. Note, that it was not even a sure thing, only the possibility that it could happen. So, this Holiday Inn cancels a banquet for this Christian organization because they don't want to offend the homosexuals or face possible protests by them. They made the choice to discriminate and offend a group of Christians rather than offend the homosexuals. Tell me; have you noticed how it is becoming more and more acceptable to offend and/or discriminate against Christians in this nation? I can promise you that if the roles of this situation were reversed, Holiday Inn would not have taken this course of action. Or, do you think for one moment they would have dared cancel a Muslim banquet? Not a chance.
By the way, the Holiday Inn Corporate offices backed this local Holiday Inn Select in this decision, even though they were advised by an attorney that they were violating the anti-discrimination laws in Illinois.

Yep, I'm telling you, it is time to write Holiday Inn off my list, and I hope others will begin to do the same, and also write to Inter-Continental (the group that owns Holiday Inn) and express to them exactly why you are avoiding using their hotel chains.

If you would like to read this full story, here is a link: Holiday Inn Dumps Christian Banquet

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Libby said...

I hope that group sues and wins!