01 August, 2007

One Mystery is Solved

We could not figure out how the security alarm did not go off when the church was broken into, so I had the security company which installed the alarm come out today to go through the system. Nothing appeared to be wrong. I began telling him some concerns I had about the system and when I told him that I could hear the alarm dial out when ever I was on the phone, his eyes about bugged out of his head. For those of you who do not know, we share the same phone line between the church and our house. The guy said, "There's the problem!" When the system was installed, I did give them this information, but it apparently did not register with them what I was saying. They had me call home and have Libby stay on the line with me while he tripped the alarm. Well, the alarm in the building did go off, which apparently scared off the burglar before he could carry off more stuff, but it failed to dial out to the monitoring service. We are having a new phone line put in tomorrow which will carry the alarm only, thus we will never have a repeat of this. Thank God we discovered this, but it is an expensive lesson to learn!

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