31 July, 2007

Not Again!!!!

I went out to the church today to pick up a book I needed for a study I am doing, and when I got there the church had been broken into. It was really odd, because the alarm system was armed, but it was not triggered when they broke in. The cops and I went through several different possibilities, called the alarm company but nothing seemed to be plausible. Of course, this starts making the cops think someone with the alarm code has done it. So, I called the alarm company again and had them read to me all the log-ins and outs since Sunday. The only person they had coming in and out was me. Then a few minutes later I was speaking to my clerk and she told me that she had been in the building earlier this morning. Somehow the alarm had not logged her into nor out of the building. So, I called the alarm company again, and they verified that it did not register her coming in or out, and they agreed that something is wrong with the alarm and they are sending out someone to work on it.
Yeah... I am pretty frustrated right now, especially since the stuff taken was mostly mine, and I really cannot turn it in to the insurance, because we have had so many break-ins that over the past 3 years that we cannot submit another claim. I guess the good thing is that this is the first break in in about 16 months or so. I am trying to calm down, but I am so angry that I am literally sick to my stomach.


Barbara said...

A person has to stoop low to rob a church! Ours has been broken into several times and they stole all our sound system equipment. But,we haven't had any break ins since we got our alarm system several years ago. And, it also helps that there is a church member living right across the road. Hope they get the alarm system working correctly.

Cathy said...

I agree with Barbara, that is really awful. I'm sorry you are having to go through that. I hope whoever robbed your church will be caught. That is enough to make you sick.

Neil said...

We were broken into at Glasgow and Louisville, KY, the Louisville church was broken into three times within six weeks...at the time we didn't have an alarm system but we got one quick!

Makes you want to hurt somebody!